IMPact Grow

Indoor farm Automation

Basic Features

  • Fully Automated control system – Temperature, Humidity, EC, pH of the nutrients and lighting system
  • Automated nutrient controlling differentiating germination, leafing and flowing stages
  • Prefixed recipes for herbs and common leafy vegetables
  • High PPFD LED grow lights for energy efficient lighting
  • Choices of grow techniques such as NFT, DWC, Aeroponics, Fogponics, Dutch Buckets and Trough system
  • Lucrative Return on Investments (ROI)
  • Turnkey projects with consultancy on growth

Value Added Benefits

  • IoT integration for all systems. Integrated control panel dashboard for remote control through internet, important alarms as notification on the app.
  • Solar power integration for all systems. With a view on sustainable development and clean energy, all systems have option of solar integration making the system self sufficient

Data analytics and proactive suggestions. Data from IoT will be processed to study grow patterns, preference and operational techniques to suggest best suited plant for cultivation, on-time seed supply reminders, other techniques to improve efficiency and many more!

Our Products

Indoor Farming Compact Machine

The compact machines enables user to have their own cultivation at their place of convenience. The machine can be in terraces, lawns, miniaturized sizes that support 50 plants can be in kitchens.

Round the year plant growth with no constraints on climate, location or soil supportability.

Can be used to grow off season crops or exotic plants.

Indoor Farming Factory

Futuristic model of farming that involves soil-less organic farming techniques with high yield per unit area as compared to the traditional methods. The farm is inside the cold room with automated sensors controlling all the parameters of plant growth.

Multi-crop cultivation within the same room or cultivation in different rooms with a single-crop-per-room

Protected environment farm Automation

Intelligent Controllers

  • Standalone pH controller
  • pH sensing range from 0 – 14
  • Relay based control and LCD display
  • Retransmission using Modbus RS-485
  • IoT-Ready. Easily integrate with Impensus IoT System
  • Standalone pH controller
  • EC sensing range from 0 – 10 mS/cm (0-10 EC)
  • Relay based control and LCD display
  • Retransmission using Modbus RS-485
  • IoT-Ready, easily integrate with Impensus IoT System

Integrated controller for greenhouses

Sensors :

Controls : Blowers, lights, fogging systems, Nutrient system

Integrated controller for greenhouses


Controls : Blowers, lights, fogging systems, Nutrient system

Accessories and Other systems

These systems are compatible with our controllers and also work as standalone products

  • Fertigation System
  • Dosing pumps (3 parts, 4 parts) 1.2 lpm capacity
  • IoT module
  • Ambient sensor kit (Temp, RH, CO2)
  • Soil sensor (Temp, RH, Salinity)

Complete Greenhouse / Indoor Farm automation

Turnkey project as per the customer requirement

Mushroom Farm Automation

Fully automatic control system with integrated IoT gateway for remote monitoring and data analytics

Basic Features

  • Option of 3” B&W or 4.5” color touch screen controller
  • Controls Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Lights inside the mushroom grow area
  • Remote control through app
  • Reports and data analytics on harvest cycles
  • Control for multiple mushroom varieties through single button touch

Measuring Parameters

  • Temperature (0 – 100 °C) with ± 0.2 °C of accuracy
  • Relative Humidity (0 – 100%) with ±2% of accuracy
  • Carbon Dioxide (0 – 3.2%) with ±0.05% accuracy
  • Localized substrate temperature probes (0 – 100 °C) with 5 metre distance from module
  • Additional provision for 2 generic 4 – 20 mA sensor


Ultrasonic industrial humidifier for adjusting the humidity levels inside the mushroom farm

  • 3 Kg/H humidification capacity
  • Continuous RO Water inlet with in-built level adjustment

Ventilation Dampers

Duct type ventilation damper system for providing fresh air and removing carbon dioxide from inside the mushroom farms

  • 100 cfm ventilation flow
  • Gravity based flow control system for preventing back flow of air
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