Solutions for Harvest and Post - Harvest Process

By 2050, world needs 2x more food than today.

Impensus provides solutions to tackle the 2 key problems –
  • Lack of efficient cultivation technology
  • Lack of efficient storage solutions

Impensus plays a key role in providing solutions from the farm to the fork. With our expertise in cold store automation user can increase the shelf life of the commodity by 1.5 to 2 times and with our protected environment solutions user can grow pesticide free crop with better nutrition value all-round the year. Our smart system with integrated IoT modules helps user to monitor and control the parameters that helps to provide right ambience for growing and storing.

Our IoT integrated smart solutions monitor and control the parameters to give the right ambiance for growing and storing
Increase yield with less water, pesticide - free, and all - year cultivation
Solutions to store food and increase the shelf life by 1.5x to 2x
Solutions to increase yield with less water, pesticide - free, and all - year cultivation
Solutions to store food and increase the shelf life by 1.5x to 2x

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About Us

According to UN report, every year 1.3 Billion MT of food is wasted in the post harvest stage i.e they don’t even reach the markets after they are harvested from the field. This results in food shortages, seasonal availability and increased pricing of the commodity for the regular people. Impensus strives to reduce this huge loss by providing IoT enabled simplified and scalable solutions for post harvest management that will help in increasing the shelf life, quality of the harvest and also helps increase the income of the farmers.
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Our Solutions

Our Solutions

IMPact Grow

With IMPACT GROW Impensus provides new age farming solutions for indoor farming, protected environment farming and Mushroom Farming. Our fully automated control system helps to control and monitor various parameters like Temperature, Humidity, Electrical Conductivity (EC), pH of the nutrient systems, ambient lighting and carbon dioxide.

With our technology we provide the right ambience and nutrients, with the help of precision farming techniques, for the plants and there by increasing its yield and profitability for the user.

IMPact Fresh

IMPact Fresh provides technologically driven products for cold storages to carry out post harvest processes such as storage and processing.

Our modular approach helps in offering products for: Storage of fruits & vegetables, storage of Apples, Onions, Potatoes etc and ripening solutions for Banana and citrus fruits.

Through our solution, we aim to make storage a less capital intense process, decentralize storage facilities and provide better efficient storage solutions


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