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According to UN report, every year 1.3 Billion MT of food is wasted in the post harvest stage i.e they don’t even reach the markets after they are harvested from the field. This results in food shortages, seasonal availability and increased pricing of the commodity for the regular people. Impensus strives to reduce this huge loss by providing IoT enabled simplified and scalable solutions for post harvest management that will help in increasing the shelf life, quality of the harvest and also helps increase the income of the farmers.
Through the solutions, Impensus contributes to two of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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We aim to achieve better affordability and availability of food to people of all strata of the society.

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Honest & Reliable


Impensus believes in passion for the work and right application of the knowledge will lead to exciting opportunities to succeed. The company is led by two individuals who have the passion and share the common goal of making a positive impact in the field of agri – tech and post harvest, in particular.


Dinesh Narayanan


Guru Vignesh V


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